Band: Indolents Legion
Release: Your Mom Smells Like Yesterday's Diapers
State: MA
Label: Bachelor P.A.D./Tobular Onular Records
Indolents Legion were the best band to see live. Too bad you don't get to see M@# & Art's antics while listening to the CD. They were such a part of the Merrimack Valley scene.
Tracks: 1. Bye Bye Diapers 2. I Wanna Puke on You 3. Hypocrite 4. Shannen Doherty 5. White Trash 6. oops! 7. Vote for Me 8. Honor Roll Slut 9. Pessimist/Optimist/Contradiction 10. Shotgun 11. What the Hell's Wrong with a Pointless Song? 12. No Brain 13. Wayne Newton is Satan 14. Carnal Urges 15. Told You So 16. G.E.D. 17. In Samuel's House 18. Wreath After Christmas 19. Amateur 20. Crucified to the "Ex" 21. Kinky Kaps and Kowels 22. Faces of a Mirror 23. Exile in Who-ville