Band: Hi-Standard
Release: Making the Road
State: CA
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94119-3690
So like about two or three years ago, Hi-Standard was one of my favorite bands. I remember their "California Dreaming" cover and "Wait for the Sun" off The Survival of the Fattest comp. They were great. Then I really went for a while without listening to them, and then I get this CD in the mail. I really should not have gone so long without listening to them, as this CD is quite good. Hi-Standard is a three piece band from Japan and they play punk. Can I be any more vague? You hear Pennywise at one moment, a little Black Flag at another, NOFX a lot of the time, carnival-like guitars every once in a while, some intros sounding like Tom Petty, some crazy pop influence (well maybe not along the Britney Spears spectrum...but she may have borrowed some "duh duh doo"s from them), amazingly "Making the Crowd Blues" really really sounds like Floorpunch or another youth crew band (until you get to the chorus) complete with mosh parts and all, with some occassional silliness thrown in. There are eighteen songs on this CD, so chances are that if you don't like it all, you'll find at least one song that you like. In all seriously, Hi-Standard are HUGE in Japan. They have already sold 400,000 (yes, 400,000!!!) copies of "Making the Road" in Japan and constantly play at sold out clubs and theaters. Maybe it's their happy, positive, upbeat, quirky music and lyrics that makes everybody like them or maybe they just work really hard at getting to where they are. If you're into Fat Wrecks stuff, Hi-Standard, or just are looking for a change of pace, I'd recommend checking this out.
Tracks: 1. Turning Back 2. Standing Still 3. Teenagers are All Assholes 4. Just Rock 5. Dear My Friends 6. Stay Gold 7. No Heroes 8. Glory 9. Please Please Please 10. Green Acres 11. Changes 12. Making the Road Blues 13. Crows 14. Tinkerbell Hates Goatees 15. Pentax 16. Nothing 17. Starry Night 18. Brand New Sunset