Band: Greasers
Release: Demo
Score: 89
Label: self released
More pop-punk coming out of the Merrimack Valley. This band of young-uns (aged 15 to 16) play pop-punk with a heavy Ramones & Queers influence. It makes you think that you're back in rock'n'roll high school. Only problem: too many swears. Swearing doesn't bother me, but there has to be some variation in the wording. They make an undercut about Green Day, "never would I wanna be like Billie Joe," in there song about selling out. The lyrics come out much more high pitched than when you see them live, but it's good...especially "Johnny's on Viagra." Matt, the bassist, left the band. Ty, who played drums, now plays bass. They're looking for a drummer.
Tracks: I Need A Track List!!!