Band: The Get Up Kids
Release: Four Minute Mile
State: MS
Label: Doghouse Records
PO Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623
Contact: PO Box 45573, Kansas City, MS 64111
This is one of the best releases I've ever heard. I absolutely love the Get Up Kids. They have such a variance in vocals, easily distinguishable but canging from whiny to high-pitched. Each song is slightly different going from the poppy "Don't Hate Me" to the slow "Lowercase West Thomas" to the blending of the two sounds in "Fall Semester". They finish the CD with the best song "Michelle With One 'L'". "Am I asking too much to keep you at arms length? Am I asking too much to keep you at home? Please don't go!" Complete with a piano and everything. Buy this. Support Doghouse Records.
Tracks: 1. Coming Clean 2. Don't Hate Me 3. Fall Semester 4. Stay Gold, Ponyboy 5. Lowercase West Thomas 6. Washington Square park 7. Last Place You Look 8. Better Half 9. No Love 10. Shorty 11. Micelle With One "L"