Band: Fiesel
Release: Demo
State: MA
Label: self released
I have taken forever to review this and for that I apologize. I was looking very forward to receiving this after talking to people in the band (who are really nice guys). As for the music, I'm really confused by it. I love it and I don't like it. I'm confused as to when songs begin and end. Like the first song starts not so great, but then i think it's still in the middle of the song, but it might be the beginning of the second song, it gets really really great. Like Moonraker or Kolya. Then I lose track of where one song begins and the next ends, or vice versa. I like the song that has the rockabilly-like parts in it. I would like to see this band live sometime as I think they'd have a great live set. I like how there isn't a ton of vocals to it, it really makes the music stand out. Then again there are parts where I wish the vocals would cover the music. I'm not sure. I'm left wanting a CD version of this.
Tracks: 1. Resonant Frequency 2. Angel Spokes 3. Autoscan 4. Push Process 5. Pinata 6. Pogo Caramel