Band: Fastbreak
Release: Fast Cars, Fast Women
State: CT/MA
Label: Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave., #24, Boston, MA 02115
Fastbreak, originally a Connecticut hardcore band, have decided to make Boston their home. Boy oh boy, are we lucky or what? Fastbreak play hardcore in such an original way, it's hard to believe. Not at all tough-guy, but not wimpy sounding. It doesn't have the mosh-a-long breakdowns. The vocals switch extremely well from singing to talking to backup shouting. "120 Bucks" has a great sing-a-long. Their stuff is definitely worth checking out.
Tracks: 1. 120 Bucks 2. At Times 3. Places Traded 4. Said and Done 5. Learn to Forget 6. Should Have Known 7. No Problem Solved 8. Fast Cars, Fast Women 9. Where It Lies 10. Photo Finish