Band: Dion Knibb & the Agitators
Release: Driving Me Mad!
State: MA
Label: DVS Media
9 Pearl Street, Salem, MA 01970
Some rocksteady for fans of the traditional ska, and it comes from Boston. A little reggae, a whole lot of traditional ska... a little funk, such as on "Green Island". "Welcome You Back Home" features guest vocalist Doreen Shaffer, which is quite impressive. My favorite song on the CD is "Monica Lewinsky" even if it doesn't have any words... the thought is enough. "Diane" is a close second, pushed forward by its soothing sound. Dion Knibb play around Boston quite a bit. If you're a fan of rocksteady, true ska, or reggae, chances are you'll enjoy this.
Tracks: 1. Caribbean Eskimo 2. Escape in the Night 3. Where Are You 4. Welcome You Back Home 5. Green Island 6. Say Goodbye 7. Teaser 8. One Day 9. Driving Me Mad 10. Monica Lewinsky 11. Diane 12. Don't Say I Love You 13. Hot Biscuit