Band: Diecast
Release: Undo the Wicked
State: MA
Label: Samson Records, PO Box 215, Groton, CT 0340-0215
Contact: 617-789-4569
Wow! This is a good CD. It's brutal hardcore with those crazyass metal guitar parts and unbelievable drum rolls intertwined. Reminescent of Hatebreed at times, at other times it sounds like nothing I've heard before. Although there are only six songs, each songs is quite long. "Peacemaker," my personal favorite, tops five minutes in length. The vocals are great (most of the time). They range from screaming to singing to really gruff screaming and grumbling, man oh man is this crazy. The only negative aspect of this CD is at parts the singing (not screaming) doesn't seem to fit with the music, mostly on "Unlearn" which starts off almost like Guns 'n' Roses's "Sweet Child of Mine" and although bringing in 90s metal, they keep a lot of the 80s sound with the guitar. One thing is for sure, they are a bunch of pissed off guys, and they take it out great in their music and vocals.
Tracks: 1. Peacemaker 2. Unlearn 3. Courage to Be 4. Undo the Wicked 5. Damage Path 6. Final Word