Band: Converge
Release: Caring and Killing
State: MA
Label: Hydra Head Records, PO Box 990248, Boston, MA 02199
Contact: 133 Peterborough St., #8A, Boston, MA 02215
Amazing blend of metal and hardcore. It's all their early stuff (from 1991-1994), so it's less metal and more hardcore than their newer stuff. Somewhat similar to early Cave In, with different (more screechy) vocals. The two best songs on the CD are, "I Abstain" and "Tied to My Neck". Most of the stuff on here had previously been released on Lost & Found in Germany, but since they suck and charge enormously high prices and all, Hydrahead compiled a lot of it and put it onto this nice release. Songs like "Shallow Breathing" begin with more metal, but then break into that easy to distinguish sing-a-long hardcore part, back to metal, and again in this cycle. Great screaming, super melodic. Highly recommended to anybody who's into any "metalcore" bands. But then again, Converge defines this genre.
Tracks: 1. Shallow Breathing 2. I Abstain 3. Two Day Romance 4. Fact Leaves Its Ghost 5. Becoming a Stranger 6. Antithesis 7. Dead 8. Tied To My Neck 9. Divinity 10. Blind 11. Sky 12. Down 13. Zodiac 14. Yesterday 15. Savior Salvation 16. But Life Goes On