Band: Cleo
Release: Demo
State: MA
Label: self released
Contact: 100 Old Farm Road, North Andover, MA
This demo absolutely sucks. Their drummer (jason) and vocals (steve), and... Actually, I'm just kidding. This is one of the best demos or actual releases that I have ever heard. I am absolutely in love with this little piece of plastic and the music in it. The first song, "She Is Mine" starts with more recent Piebald-y high pitched vocals, and melodic guitar. Then... SCREAM-sing-SCREAM-SCREAM-sing... all in one part. Reminescent of I Hate Myself (circa "Less Than Nothing" ...but not completely). The rest of the song goes through with melody and then a faster (almost punk) part leading up to more SCREAM-sing-SCREAM-etc... and finishes. Best song. "Turn To You" starts with not as high pitched-vocals and sounds a little more Get Up Kids-ish, but doesn't have as many guitar-stop-guitar (stuff if you know what I mean)... "One Foot In Heaven" starts with an instrumental introduction with a fortydaysrain or Isis-ish intro but never gets to the metal... It's melodic and complete with Jason (drums) screaming sounds of torture at an almost inaudible level. Then after over a minute, the singing comes. But not after a 12cent-ish street punk start, back to a metal-y breakdown. Oh my God. Buy this thing. I'm only half-way through reviewing it. Now on to side two: "Just For You" shows their Weezer influence. It's got distortion but stays quiet. Maybe a little Joshua in the singing. The vocals are definitely not as high pitched here. Then it ends with some whiny guitar riffs and hard to hear clapping (at least I think that's what it is). "I Can't Tell" is a mix between Saetia, early Piebald, & 400 Years or something of the sort. It has singing and scratchy-singing and screaming. Shit! this is good. "Sunday," the last song, has probably the best lyrics. "I remember this place, wher you used to've changed..." Carolyn Zaikowksi is a really great poet (she wrote the words to this song). Sounds like recent Piebald with more distortion in the chorus and deeper-vocals. Super repetitive, and just damn good. I can't even describe it. It ends unexpectidly. Only complaint on the whole thing: no thanks to me or Just Another Scene? (huh, Jason???). Go out and give them a show or buy the tape (for only $3) or just pretend that you know who they are.
Tracks: 1. She Is Mine 2. Turn To You 3. One Foor In Heaven 4. Just For You 5. I Can't Tell 6. Sunday