Band: Chaotic Past
Release: Yer In
State: NY
Label: Ace of Hearts Records
PO Box 579, Kenmore Station, Boston, MA 02215
Hmmm... When I got this CD, I thought that it was going to be some heartwrenching emo, based on the cover. Then I flipped the CD over to look at the track listing, and saw the picture of the band. They couldn't be an emo band. Looked more 80s metal. The vocals remind me of something, I just can't figure out who. Maybe if Faithh No More was to get together with Hootie & the Blowfish? I'm not sure. This record doesn't do a lot for me. It's more of a rock band that you need long hair so that you can head bang. Actually, I just realized that it sounds quite a bit like Soundgarden, if Soundgarden lost the grunge edge they had and tried to become Guns 'n Roses. I'm not too into it, but it might be your taste.
Tracks: 1. Tube 2. Summer Street 3. Hector 4. Room 28 5. They Saved the Face 6. Stability Song 7. Comadome 8. Ole Brown Door 9. Restless Whole 10. Empty House 11. Cartridge 12. Bondage Between the Moutains