Band: Carpet Patrol, The
Release: s/t
Score: 97
Label: self-released
Contact: 9 Old Farm Lane, North Reading, MA 01864
Man, oh man are the Carpet Patrol good. They're pretty DIY too. I mean this CD is a compilation of their two demo tapes put onto one CD. Oh, if you didn't know, Carpet Patrol play pop-punk. No, not Screeching Weasel pop-punk, but Carpet Patrol pop-punk. They start off doing the Nickelodeon/Doug intro, going straight into "Be All You Can Be." "Hey I'm a Poseur" was the first Carpet Patrol song I ever heard (off Runt of the Litter, Vol. 2), and it's still one of my favorites. My favorites on this CD include "Joe Cool," "Me and My IIe," and "Transform and Roll Out." Damn, they even have a song that's in Chinese. You guessed it, "Chinese Song." Too bad you can't get this anymore.
Tracks: 1. Doug/Be All You Can Be 2. Corporate America 3. I Can't Think 4. Hey I'm a Poseur 5. Isolation 6. Joe Cool 7. Let's Have a Party 8. Mr. President 9. Me and My IIe 10. Chinese Song 11. Scarbble All Day 12. McD 13. Grammatical Law 14. Blank 15. Prescriptivism 16. My Mailman 17. Transform and Roll Out