Band: Buried Alive
Release: Death of Your Perfect World
State: NY
Label: Victory Records
PO Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614
Contact: PO Box 821, Buffalo, NY 14213
978-825-0085 (Trainwreck Booking)
I had heard a lot about this upstate new york band before actually hearing them, so you can imagine my happiness when this CD was in my mailbox one day. Well, this band is really impressive. They play a really deep throated growly hardcore with crazy mosh parts and all. Twelve songs in 26 minutes. I love the veggie/vegan plug in the middle pages of the insert. They have a wide variety of influences and thank a variety of bands (from boy sets fire to snapcase to disembodied to grade to floorpunch and so on.) For lack of a better comparison think of the less melodic parts of Shai Hulud. With a name like Buried Alive, how can you go wrong?
Tracks: 1. Watching You Die 2. Kiss of Death 3. Worthless 4. Nothing at All 5. Kill their Past 6. Poisoned Seeds 7. The Death of Your Perfect World 8. Empty Sky 9. Curse of the Womb 10. Drenched in Disease 11. Six Month Face 12. To Live and Die With