Band: Blood For Blood
Release: Livin' In Exile
State: MA
Label: Victory Records
PO Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614
Contact: PO Box 560146, West Medford, MA 02156-0146
415-241-7010 (Mike)
Wow! Blood For Blood is sick. This CD is unreal. White trash hardcore/punk is where it's at. Where else in Boston do you hear bands singing about Wasted Youth Crew and such? This CD starts with an intro called "No Tomorrow" which is that "Let's Go... Here we GO!!! Blood For Blood!!! HERE WE GO!!! Blood For Blood!!!" stuff with a nothing much has changed commentary about how the world is going to hell tonight. Then "Cheap Wine" sounds like what the Ducky Boys would sound like if they had members of Motorhead. Great sing-a-longs, "if i drink this wine..." The next song, "Eulogy for a Dream" is my favorite song on the CD. It starts off fast and hate-filled and then goes slow... it might even be mistaken for emo (unless of course you listen to the lyrics)... "we gotta take them all out back and shoot them in the head and bury them in a pile of their money..." You gotta love it. The rest of the CD is great too, with "Nihilism" chants and such. Don't forget the Motorhead cover as unlisted track eight. "Ace of Spades" is pretty rockin' & rollin' especially with the barroom intro. Gotta love it.
Tracks: 1. No Tomorrow 2. Cheap Wine 3. Eulogy for a Dream 4. Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday) 5. Nothing For You 6. Livin' In Exile 7. Still Fucked Up 8. Ace of Spades (Motorhead)