Band: Big Lick
Release: s/t
State: MA
Label: Happy Dick Records
Contact: 30 Lake Street, Norfolk, MA 02056
I think that Big Lick call themselves "ska-core." I guess some of their stuff is like that, but I'd have to say that Big Lick play a lot of different types of ska. They have heavy bass-lines, good horns, and happy/up-beat vocals. This is their first CD and came out back in 1995. Four years later, their music has changed slightly. I'm not sure what else I can say about this CD.
Tracks: 1. 1,000 Miles to Readville 2. Down the Drain 3. F'N' Blues 4. Untimely Groove 5. This is Your Life 6. Dead Girlfriend 7. It Be, We Be