Band: Barrit
Release: Smiles Upon the Stroke that Murders Me
State: MA
Label: Ellington Records
PO Box, 173 Northampton, MA 01060
Contact: 8 Birmingham Road, Worcester, MA 01606
This CD is nuts. Barrit gave up all their hardcore influence that may have been seen on the 7" to go for all balls out metal on this CD. Screamy, growly, shouting...describing the vocals is pretty hard. There's a little black metal influence in here, as can be seen with the great intro to "The Funeral." There are parts that you think will get melodic like on "A Planet Wide" but that never happens, until "Chemical Hero" (great slow stuff for a few seconds). "Mouthman" is a bit confusing. There's no music, just some weird shit. Pick this up.
Tracks: 1. A Planet Wide 2. The Funeral 3. Transient 4. Theory II 5. Mouthman 6. Chemical Hero 7. Engine 8. Barouke 9. Smiles Upon the Stroke that Murders Me 10. ...And then There Were None 11. Crossgates to Disenchantment