Band: Bane
Release: Holding This Moment
State: MA
Label: Equal Vision Records, PO Box 14, Hudson, NY 12534
Contact: 5 Wesby St., Worcester, MA 01609
UNBELIEVABLE! Bane plays hardcore hard! A little metal influence here and some slower, almost (but not quite) emotional parts make this a great CD. Nine songs include "Count Me Out", "Both Guns Blazing", "Superhero", and "Forked Tongue". This is straight-edge hardcore, not in the same vein as Youth of Today, closer to early Converge (with less metal). "Count Me Out" shows their dedication to the scene and their beliefs: "I can still see the reasons that I opened my eyes to this scene in the first place...I can still feel my beliefs groing stronger everyday..." Definitely worth the money (it's relatively cheap too! Only $7 at Newbury Comics), also go see them when you get a chance.
Tracks: 1. In Pieces 2. Count Me Out 3. Both Guns Blazing 4. Superhero 5. At Best 6. Scared 7. Forked Tongue 8. Every Effort Made 9. Lay the Blame