Band: Bad Manners
Release: Rare & Fatty: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1997
State: N/A
Label: Moon Ska Records
PO Box 1412, New York, NY 10276
Contact: N/A
I've never really been a big fan of Bad Manners and I can't say that this record helps a ton. It's a whole lot of remixes, rarities, demos, & outtakes from the history of Bad Manners. I can say that the song "Jezebel" is great and I enjoyed their cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots (are Made for Walking)". I acknowledge all that they've put into their music and how they've never given up and i admire them, but this record doesn't click with me. Check out some of their other older stuff for a more complete/real look at the band. If you are into Bad Manners, then this record would be your heaven. It has everything you've never heard before.
Tracks: 1. Parenoid 2. Devil's Dub 3. Tighten Up 4. Jezebel 5. Elizabethan Reggae 6. Boots 7. Double Barrel 8. Are You Monster? 9. Why Wait? 10. Help Me 11. Shakin' Up (Downing Street) 12. When Will I See You Again? 13. Night Bus to Dalston 14. That'll Do Nicely 15. Truckin'