Band: Babaloo
Release: Hardcore Juju
State: MA
Label: Butcher's Ghost Records
Astor Station, PO Box 230228, Boston, MA 02123
Contact: Astor Station, PO Box 230228, Boston, MA 02123
UNBELIEVABLE! This 7 piece Boston band (who has won the Boston Phoenix award for Best World Music) plays an "eclectic" (to say the least) mix of ju-ju, cha cha, reggae, meringue, ska, calypso, and samba. This CD is so crazy. My dad even likes it. Babaloo uses the usual guitar, bass, and drums but also uses a variety of kazoos, trumpets, whistles, and other unusual instruments. Another bonus: Babaloo sings in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Swahilli. Now if that's not nuts, what is? I'd be interested in hearing their first release "Punk Mambo" and seeing how the two compare. Definitely see Babaloo (they play around Boston a ton) and pick this up.
Tracks: 1. Boom-boom 2. Lonely Girl 3. Cherry Yo Yo 4. Samangwana 5. Ichiban 6. Skamambert 8. M'Penzi 9. Pepe 10. Falestine 11. Hawaii 12. Ay Ay Ya