Band: As Friends Rust
Release: The Fists of Time
State: FL
Label: Good Life Recordings
PO Box 114, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
++32 (0)56 255 377
I saw this band at the 1998 Tin Can Full of Dreams fest and I thought that they were pretty good, but not spectacular. At a Bane show early in 1999, I was looking through a distro's stuff and saw the As Friends Rust CD. I mistakened them for Woken By Wire (who I really really really liked and can't find anything by) and paid the $6 for the CD. I really feel like I ripped them off. As Friends Rust have members of Morning Again (Slayer plays hardcore) and Culture (ultra vegan metal-hardcore, making Earth Crisis look like wimps) and blend both of these bands' music with something along the lines of Hot Water Music. Actually three members of Hot Water Music do backing vocals on this super melodic hardcore release. Super variance from singing to screaming from fast to slow with melody to terror. This is great. They also have a split out with Discount.
Tracks: 1. Home is Where the Heart Aches 2. Encante 3. Ruffian 4. When People Resort to Name Calling 5. Broken Brain