Band: Abnormals, The
Release: s/t
State: MA
Label: self-released
Contact: 617-924-2371 (Chris)
This Watertwon four-piece plays a hardedged pop-punk. "Makes No Difference" is very catchy and reminescent of face to face. I like the guitars in "In the End." This CD is really D.I.Y. Taking the Carpet Patrol route, The Abnormals use a CD-ROM and a computer printout cover. Also, it's cheap. $3 for 4 songs (and 1 four word scream) that lasts under 10 minutes. Sure wouldn't hurt to pick up a copy.
Tracks: 1. No Beer for Trash 2. Makes No Difference 3. Punk Rock Girl 4. Fuck You (and Your Birds Too) 5. In the End

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