Band: 5 Bucks!
Release: Summer of '84
State: NH
Label: self released
Contact: PO Box 445, Manchester, NH 03105-0445
Described as Manchester, NH pop-core/ska, 5 Bucks! can blast through 10 songs in just over 14 minutes. Pop-punk/ska, starting with "Mike Seaver" about Growing Pains (starring Kirk Cameron in his glory days). Nick incorporates humorous lyrics about mullets and his broken Mr. T. Sprinkler, as well as those songs about girls, "She's Wicked Hot", "Atari Girl", etc... Unlike their live shows, this DIY (they did it all by themselves) release sports the trombonist of Broomstick 603. Recommended. Even if you don't think you'd like them, for $5 (the selling price), it's a good investment. Oh yeah, and their drummer does the Candiria webpage. How can you not like that?
Tracks: 1. Mike Seaver 2. Dont Wannabe 3. Corey B. Don't Cut Your Mullet 4. She's Wicked Hot 5. Atari Girl 6. Mr. T Sprinkler 7. Stading Next to You 8. The Club 9. Apathetic 10. Remember You

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