Band: 4 Heads Deep
Release: sampler cassette
Score: 90
Label: Mindtree Records
Contact: 509 1/2 E. 2nd Street, South Boston, MA 02127
617-308-3141 (Dave)
Surprisingly, this is really difficult to review. I can't compare it to much, but it's very very good. "Cold, Cold Night" is melodic and has some great guitar. The vocals are deeper singing with an occassional shout. It's not screaming, but...dammit, i can't explain it. "I'll Have Your Say" isn't much different until towards the end, when it breaks down into some crazy-ass rap, with metal and hardcore. I dunno. Just check it out. The CD should be out really shortly too.
- Tracks: 1. Cold, Cold Night 2. I'll Have Your Say

Band: 4 Heads Deep
Release: Round One
State: MA
Label: Mindtree Records, 129A Glen Street, Somerville, MA 02145
Contact: c/o Mindtree Records, 129A Glen Street, Somerville, MA 02145
Not only is this a great CD musically, 4 Heads Deep have :::::::gasp::::::: thanked Just Another Scene? inside. Is that crazy or what? This band is awesome. "Sick" has back-up vocals from Drexel members. 4 Heads Deep is a combo of The Rockets and D.J. Shorty. You can hear the hip-hop/hardcore of DJ Shorty incorporated into their straigtforward pop-punk. They have a harder edge than to the Screeching Weasel type stuff. Extremely original and easily likeable. I think that 4 Heads Deep has the variety to tie the scenes together a little bit more. They're going to be bigger than Rancid and Mindtree Records will be bigger than Epitaph because of them. Request 4 Heads Deep on WBCN Sunday nights from 9:00 - 12:00 at night with Boston Emissions.
Tracks: 1. Arson's Battle 2. Your Life 3. Silent Sigh 4. Sick 5. From Frank to Agnes 6. Class of 98 7. Vicious Circle 8. Cold, Cold Night 9. Another Battle Won 10. Human 11. I'll Have Your Say

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