Band: 12¢ent
Release: Working Without Class
State: MA
Label: self released
Contact: 74 Rock St., Whitman, MA 02382
Four songs in just over seven minutes. Punk rock!!! I also know why I picked this CD up at an In My Eyes show. They have a definite hardcore influence, yet not mosh-a-long music. The first song gets kinda repetitive, as it's the same guitar and drum parts over and over, with some interesting sound effects in the pauses. The vocals are fabulous. All sorts of screams and singing and many different types of shouting, including some "hey" and "oi" a-longs during the third song. This contains a great cover of Ritchie Valens on speed ("La Bamba"). It's not quite what Ritchie Valens had in mind, but check out the difference in "singing" techniques. Go buy the demo, now.
Tracks: 1. Frankies Bike Is Cool 2. Today 3. Fight 4. La Bamba (Ritchie Valens)

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