Band: The 101's
Release: demo
State: MA
Label: self released
The 101s used to be a crust punk band (about 3 years ago). Well that 101's turned into Social Rebellion and broke up last year. This also contains a member of the original 101s, but they are now pop-punk. Kinda funny, since two of the members are from a local black metal band?! This is pop-punk that demands you to sing along. Songs about girls, Alex Mack (mmmm...), and other stuff too. Too bad Matt Doran (guitarist) goes to college in Pennsylvania, so they can only play during the summer months. Look for the 101's to be headlining for blink-182 sometime soon. They should really make this into a little better quality and give it to everybody in New England.
Tracks: 1. Stuck 2. Natural Ice 3. Bartlett Life 4. Ten Things I Love About You 5. Kristen Rogers 6. Take it Back

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