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music reviews.
this page is no longer limited to new england bands...i will be using this to expose bands from around the country (world???) to the new england scene.

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101's, The - Demo
12¢ent - Working Without Class
:30 Seconds Over Tokyo - All Ages Pie Eating Contest
:30 Seconds Over Tokyo - s/t
4 Heads Deep - Sampler
4 Heads Deep - Round One
5 Bucks! - Summer of '84
78 RPM's - Go EP
98 Mute - Class of '98
Abnormals, The - s/t
Aitken, Laurel & The Skatalites - Ska Titans
Alkaline Trio, The - For Your Lungs Only
Allstonians, The - Go You!
Ann Beretta - Nobody's Heroes
Anything Goes/NC13's - split 7"
As Friends Rust - The Fists of Time
Assuck - Misery Index
Atom & His Package - A Society of People Named Elihu
Atombombpocketknife - 5 song CDep
Babaloo - Hardcore Juju
Bad Manners - Rare & Fatty
Bane - Holding this Moment
Barrit - Smiles Upon the Stroke that Murders Me
Bends, The - Everybody Get Naked
Big D & the Kids' Table/Drexel - Shot By Lammi
Big D & the Kids' Table - s/t EP
Big Lick - s/t
Bigwig - Unmerry Melodies
Bim Skala Bim - Universal
Bim Skala Bim - The One That Got Away
Blood For Blood - Livin' In Exile
Blueprint - s/t
Boy Sets Fire - This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice is Being Born
Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World
Carpet Patrol, The - s/t
Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia
Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops
Chaotic Past - Yer In
Cleo - Demo
Consumed - Hit For Six
Converge - Caring and Killing
Cooter - All Bets Off
Custom Made Scare - The Greatest Show on Dirt
Diecast - Undo the Wicked
Dig - Defenders of the Universe
Dion Knibb & the Agitators - Driving Me Mad!
Discount - Ataxia's Alright Tonight
Discount - Half Fiction
Drexel - No One Told Me
Ducky Boys/Dropkick Murphys - split 7"
Ducky Boys, The - No Gettin' Out
Endless - 'EP'
Engine Kid - Angel Wings
Eulcid - Techniques of Neutralization
Eulcid - The Crane EP
Exhume - Demo
Fastbreak - Fast Cars, Fast Women
Fiesel - Demo
Floorpunch - Fast Times at the Jersey Shore
Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile
go48 - Demo
Grade - ...And Such is Progress
Grade - Separate the Magnets
Grade - Triumph & Tragedy
Grapefruit - Dorkabilly Stew
Grapefruit - A Study in Mumpishness
H2O - Thicker Than Water
Hi-Standard - Making the Road
In My Eyes - The Difference Between
In My Eyes - Demo/Live
Indolents Legion - Your Mom Smells Like Yesterday's Diapers
Invaids, The - Out of My Head
Jerks, The - demo
Johnny X & the Conspiracy - Buy, Sell, Trade
Karate - The Bed is in the Ocean
Kicked in the Head - World Domination!
Kid Dyanimte - s/t
Lunacy - A Turn of Tides
Lung Leg - Maid to Minx
Lustre King - Shoot the Messenger
My Pal Trigger - There's Hope In No Tomorrow NC13's/Anything Goes - split 7"
No Use For A Name - More Betterness
one a.m. radio, the - demo
Open Up - Demo 1998
Orangetree - Fixing Stupid
Parka Kings, The - Wherestheafterparty? (live)
Peacocks, The - In Without Knockin'
Piebald - Sometimes Friends Fight
Piebald - When Life Hands You Lemons...
Piebald - If It Weren't For Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us All
Pinkerton Thugs - The Pain and...the Pinkerton Thugs
Reach the Sky - Open Roads and Broken Dreams
Roadkill Puppetteers - Demo
Royal Crown Revue - "She Walks on Fire" sampler
Shower With Goats - 8 Song Sampler CD
Skalars, The - Change Up
Slowride - s/t
Smashdown - Kill the Routine
Smooths, The - [no brakes]
Statue Factor, The - A Mission of Five
Strikeforce Diablo - 4 Song EP
Sweep the Leg Johnny - Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
Teenage Frames - 1% Faster
Tilt - Viewers Like You
Totaro - Christmas Carols
Various Artists - Big Indie Beats: B.I.B. Records Sampler
Various Artists - Club Ska '99: The Shack Volume 2
Various Artists - Short Music for Short People
Various Artists - The Wasted Years
Warren Commission, The - What the Rain Doesn't Know
Zoinks! - Well and Good
Zoinks! - Panorama

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