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Just Another Scene?

.if you're in a band, let me know.

5 Bucks! - silly pop-punk/ska
PO Box 445, Manchester, NH 03105-0445

Beefcake Messiah

Brass Monkeys, The

Clampdown, The

Cultural Jetlag

Cut Thru Blue - rock-pop

dieonysus - metal/hardcore

Dirty Half Dozen

Discarded Hershey Squirts - old school hardcore
46 Cota Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054
603-429-2964 (Tony); 603-424-0274 (Mike)


Dr. Smooth & the Naughty Nurses



Fuzzies, The


Know Nothings, The - punk/ska

Meat Depressed

New Jersey Fairplan - DC influenced loud melodic music

Nogoodnics, The

Nutskies, The

Ookla the Mok

Open 'Til Midnight - ska/punk

Pawn Unction

Pseudophonics, The
100 Pleasant Street, Epping, NH, 03042

Queers, The

Rat Fink - power punk pop

617-236-8160 (Mark)

She's A Guy

Skally Punx, The - punk/ska/oi!
1 Brookside Dr., Apt. 4, Exeter, NH 03833


Sub-System - hardcore/punk

Third Party

T.I.P. - ska/punk/alternative

Tunnel Rats, The

Unsung Heroes, The - traditional oi!

Useless Fucks - straight forward punk



Zeke's Garage - nerd-rock

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